My 80-Year-Old Dad Might Be Using Your App to Find a Cure for Cancer

I just finished reading the Michael Arrington article, Startups Are Hard. So Work More, Cry Less, And Quit All The Whining and I am not going to comment on the article itself, but I was touched by some of the comments I read. Sure, I have pulled many all-nighters in my lifetime but I knew why I was doing it and knew the risks associated with doing what I was doing. I have also been guilty of pushing my workers to do likewise and as a result feel a little guilty about it. But that is not why I am writing this…

There is an entire comment thread on Michael’s article that goes something like “That’s funny, but what you are doing won’t cure cancer and never will.” I disagree with this statement after spending Thanksgiving with my Mom and Dad. My Dad is a “retired” Pediatric Pathologist who has devoted his life to diagnosing tumors in the newborn, fetuses, and young children. He has written several books on the subject and is a world-renowned expert. If you have a strong stomach you can find his books on Amazon and you can read his articles in Medical Journals. The irony is that people call him from around the world but he is not allowed to provide diagnostic help because nobody can afford to pay for his malpractice insurance. But I digress, that is an entirely different subject…

I was remiss in not writing the “My Father is my Hero Because” paper in elementary school because I probably wrote about my favorite football player. My Dad is my hero NOW because I could barely stand to look at the pictures of the newborn babies in his books, let alone attempt to diagnose them and follow up the diagnosis with an explanation to the parents about what has happened (and what will happen) to their child.

So get to the point, you say. Well, I want every Engineer to know that the all-nighter you are pulling for “a cause” may in fact be curing cancer. Yes, even the “cry-babies” at Zynga might be curing cancer. How could that be, you ask? Well, did you hear about the gamers solving one of the major AIDS conundrums?: Gamification used to successfully solve AIDS research problem

You folks at Spot Imaging Solutions and you people at Zeiss building microscopes and imaging equipment who are pulling all-nighters to get products out the door should be very proud of your efforts. And the folks at Apple can be proud because their Macbook is so easy to use that my technologically-impaired Dad can use it. As you pull your next all-nighter, picture an unassuming senior citizen hunkering down in his home-office using your equipment to possibly find a cure for cancer. Or at the very least picture him providing diagnostic advice and stepping stones for future researchers to find a cure for these horrible diseases.

Here’s a video of my Dad in action using YOUR technology: My Dad, My Hero, Using Your App and Hardware to Find a Cure


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4 Responses to My 80-Year-Old Dad Might Be Using Your App to Find a Cure for Cancer

  1. Patricia Furgal says:

    Dear Charlie,
    Here it is 11:23 pm and I’m checking my work email. I came across a case submitted by a person with the same last name as a doctor that left a major impression on me – and believe me, to remember the name of one customer out of the very many a tech support person talks to in a weeks time,
    doesn’t typically happen because the customer was a pure joy to work with. The case brought me to your blog and I was pleasntly surprised to read all that you had to say about everyones efforts that help keep a brilliant researcher, your dad, able to continue with his passion into his senior years. Your father was a pure joy to talk with the few times I had the pleasure, and is one of the reasons I love my job and look forward to going to work each day.

    Your mother (as I learned, my namesake) seems to be a very astute assistant for him as well. May your father live to find a cure for cancer as a result of his passion for his research. The world needs more people like him in it! Thanks for sharing your blog!

    • charlieisaacs says:


      Yes, you carry the same name as my Mom, and every person I’ve met with that name has been a shining light. 🙂 Thanks for your kind words about my Dad (and Mom) and thanks to all of you at Spot Imaging for helping researchers. I am in the customer service business and appreciate how difficult it is to help folks like my parents so you probably have a great deal of patience and understanding to be so successful at what you do. Thanks again for your kind comments.

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